1. Fair officials shall make such rules and regulations in regard to horses and auto driving on the grounds that shall be necessary and instruct the traffic marshals to enforce them.
  2. The general policing of the grounds will be under supervision of the Bottineau County Sheriff.
  3. No unauthorized gambling of any kind will be allowed on the grounds. Anyone found violating this provision shall be reported to the Sheriff without delay.
  4. Patrons are asked to please report anything objectionable or not attending to the best interest of the fair to the Secretary’s office directly.
  5. The gates officially open at 8:00 am on June 17, 2021. Every officer is required to be in his or her place. The north gate will be open at 7:00 am for the convenience of livestock exhibitors.
  6. All those in authority at the fair will wear distinctive badges to designate their particular job responsibility.
  7. The Fair Board will carefully guard against extortion in any form practiced on patrons of the fair. A violation of this rule will cause forfeiture of any contract and money paid and constitutes just cause for expulsion from the grounds. Any fair patron purchasing from the exhibitor or concessionaire does so at his or her own risk.
  8. No claim for injury to any person or property shall ever be asserted or suit instituted or maintained against Bottineau County Agricultural Society, its officers, directors, agents, or on behalf of any person, firm or corporation or their agents, representatives, servants, or employees having license or privilege to exhibit on the fairgrounds or occupying space.
  9. No fireworks will be allowed to be sold, discharged, or thrown upon the grounds except under Fair Board release. This precaution is taken to avoid danger or fire or injury to persons and livestock.
  10. No dogs (except on leash and accompanied by owner) will be allowed on grounds and all must have proof of shots. No pets will be allowed in the grandstand area during entertainment performance.
  11. The Board of Directors reserves the right to interpret all rules and regulations and settle any matter, questions, or differences that may arise during or after the fair. Said Directors reserve the right to dictate terms, enforce rules, impose disciplinary measure and make decisions to provide for the public safety and good order as may be necessary.


  1. Entries must be mailed either to the Secretary at PO Box 206, Bottineau, ND 58318, or delivered to the Secretary’s Office at the fairgrounds. Entry blanks will be mailed directly to all exhibitors who make a request. Submit your entries early.
  2. Open class entries are open to anyone.
  3. Every exhibitor must provide a complete 911 address and phone number on the entry blank. The fair management will not be held liable for premium monies not mailed to exhibitors without a complete address on the entry information.
  4. To assure yourself a premium, your article or livestock, must be properly entered and tagged. Otherwise, if we have no record of your entries, the Society will not be held responsible, and losses then become solely the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  5. See each department for other rules and regulations of that department.
  6. All exhibits must be entered in the name of the actual owner.
  7. The superintendents in each class or division will have full charge of their departments.
  8. Exhibits unworthy of a prize, will be ruled out and the reason stated on the judge’s books corresponding to the entry number.
  9. In absence of competition, judges will not award a first prize unless the exhibit is worthy.

Exhibitors should at all times give proper attention to their exhibits and take full charge thereof at the close of the fair. The Society, its officers, directors, and staff will use every reasonable precaution for the preservation of all articles or stock exhibited but will not be responsible for loss or damage. Any reports should be made immediately to fair officials, who will gladly cooperate to any reasonable extent.

The officers, directors, and staff are committed to operating a professional, efficient, and accurate exhibit division at the Bottineau County Fair. They wish to impress upon the exhibitors that their goal is to satisfy the exhibitors. With considerable paperwork required in the various divisions occasionally, there will be an error made or some misunderstanding may arise in connection with exhibits. Should you notice any inaccuracies, or if you do not receive a correct settlement within a reasonable time after the close of the fair, do not hesitate to contact the secretary or president, stating the facts and the situation will be given prompt attention.

The Bottineau County Agricultural Society will endeavor to get the most competent and unbiased judges to place awards. Judges’ decisions are final.


  1. All livestock exhibits will be released Saturday, June 19 following the Junior Point Show; and static exhibits will be released at 3:00 pm on Sunday, June 20.
  2. No animal or article shall be withdrawn from the fair prior to the release time stated, without special permission of fair officials, or premiums will be forfeited.
  3. All exhibits must removed from the premises by 6:30 pm on Sunday, June 18, unless prior provisions have been made with fair officials. Any exhibits not claimed in the reasonable amount of time will become the property of the Bottineau County Agricultural Society.


  1. Enter exhibits and provide accurate accounting records for all entry fees (if applicable) in his or her respective division.
  2. Inform him/herself of the record system used in the department, and keep accurate, legible recordings of entries, classes, and show placing. Retain complete 911 addresses of exhibitors.
  3. Work in close harmony with the judges to eliminate any inaccuracies, or delays in listing the correct awards.
  4. Prevent any person from interfering with sideline talk or otherwise trying to unduly influence the judge in his or her decisions. Exhibitors so interfering, except to ask the judge the reason for his or her decision after the completion of the class, shall forfeit any premium to which he or she is otherwise entitled.
  5. Oversee the display area used by the department.


  1. Absolutely no stalls or pens will be reserved. The animal must be on the grounds when the stall or pen is prepared to exhibit.
  2. The grounds will be open for the reception of livestock, beginning Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The superintendent will be available to assist exhibitors beginning Wednesday. Gates will officially open at 8:00 am Thursday through Sunday; however, the gate in front of the barns will be open daily at 7:00 am for livestock exhibitors.
  3. Exhibits may be entered Tuesday, June 13 and all 4H livestock must be in stalls by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 14.
  4. All animals must be in good health. Any animal not meeting the health requirements will be removed.
  5. Any animal exhibit that is obviously not well-broken and presents a safety hazard to other exhibitors or to the public will be removed from the grounds immediately without awards or premiums. This joint decision will be made by the Barn Superintendent, Fair Board, and Extension Staff.
  6. All exhibits in the horse, beef, and dairy departments are required to pay a $15 entry fee per animal per lot entered. All entry fees must be paid at time of entry.
  7. All exhibits in the sheep, swine, and goat departments are required to pay an $10 entry fee per animal per lot entered. All entry fees must be paid at time of entry.
  8. Livestock must be entered in the name of the actual owner. This applies to all departments and divisions.
  9. Bedding will be available to livestock exhibitors.
  10. All exhibitors are encouraged to keep their stall areas clean & neat.
  11. All animals competing for premiums must be brought into the show ring when called for by the superintendent, or ring steward in charge, to qualify for premiums.
  12. Animals unworthy of a prize will be ruled out and the reason stated on the judges book corresponding to entry number.
  13. In the absence of competition, judges will not award a first prize unless the animal is worthy.
  14. If the judge finds that an animal has been entered in the wrong class, he may request the change by notifying the superintendent in charge who is authorized to change the judge’s book.
  15. Livestock and small animal judging will commence Thursday, June 17, at 9:00 a.m. and continue until finished.
  16. Exhibitors will be held responsible for keeping informed of schedule changes and the timely display of exhibits. A show order will be posted.
  17. All animal exhibits will have a voluntary released at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 19. No early releases. All animals will be released after the Junior Point Show on Saturday, June 19. Any exhibit withdrawn from the fair before the close of the fair, without special permission of fair officials, will forfeit premiums.

The Parade of Champions will be held Friday, June 18 at 9:45 a.m. The Extension staff and superintendents will be in charge of the parade. All livestock and small animal exhibitors are encouraged to participate.