Boys of Summer | Thursday @ 7:30 PM

We're a unique, up-tempo 3-piece band that is proud to have a slogan "Where Originality Meets Country & Rock"

We love living life in the fast lane and giving you the best music around. We are here for a good time, but not a long time.

Aaron Watson | Friday @ 7:30 PM

For the past 20 years, Watson has achieved success on his own terms, hand-building a lauded career through songwriting, relentless touring and more than a dozen self released albums. His independent Texas spirit and strong work ethic are emblematic of the western lifestyle; virtues which have taken him from humble honky-tonks of Texas to multiple sold-out tours around the world.

The Redneck Files | Saturday @ 7:30 PM

Jessica Lynne Witty & Chris Jones

Nashville Recording Artist Jessica Lynne Witty and PNW Rock Artist Chris Jones have teamed up to create “The Redneck Files.”

The Redneck Files is meant to be a spoof on the X Files, instead of exploring the paranormal they explore what it means to be a Redneck. Special Agent Witty, a Redneck herself, believes in the existence of the Redneck way of life while Special Agent Jones, still a skeptic, has been assigned to the case to musically collaborate Rock music into his cohort's Country music genre.

Devon Worley Band | Saturday, following The Redneck Files

Crowds roar during their rousing live gigs at country music festivals across the U.S. Across the pond in the UK, fans inside packed rock clubs stomp their approval for an incendiary set that combusts with memorable original songs written by the alluring lead vocalist, her three band mates and occasionally the Minnesota-based singer’s mother and band manager. Welcome to the shape-shifting worlds of the Devon Worley Band (DWB).